Secret Life Returns! Season 4 Continues in March

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January 12, 2012


ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager sure left us in a lurch when last we left Amy, Ben, Ricky, and company. I mean, sure we have Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game to tide us over – plus Shailene Woodley (Amy) in The Descendants, for those Secret Lifers who were really getting lonely. But not much can make us forget about Henry sleeping with Adrian and Ricky proposing to Amy.

But hey, at least we can sleep easier than Henry knowing that Secret Life‘s triumphant return isn’t too far in the future. In fact, it’s just been announced that season 4 will resume on Monday, March 26, right on the heels of Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game finishing up their winter episodes. Also rejoining Secret Life will be ABC Family’s other hit series, Make It Or Break It (did ya miss it?).

What are you most excited about for the second half of Secret Life season 4? Hit the comments and discuss what potential mayhem and drama could ensue for Amy and Ricky, Ben, and…how about Ashley? She and Toby could come back any day now, you know. *Fingers crossed*

Source: TV OverMind (original source: ABC Family)

  • .:90210fan:.

    All I’m really worried about is Ramy staying together. If Amy IS pregnant again, I could actually seeing that be a cute story line for Ricky and Amy but it better be Ricky’s. That part in the promo when Amy says “I just wanna have some fun” has me worried that she’ll do something. As for Ben, he annoyed me to no end so far this season so I’m not too concerned with what he’s up to but if he screws anything up for Ricky and Amy… I’m writing Ben off completely. :P 

    And as for Henry/Adrian… I can already see the drama starting. But I feel like Henry will be the only one any one is mad at… :P 

  • Hope

    I think Amy is Preggers again!!!

  • Sanders Emily23

    Well I heard that Adrian and Grace suspect that they have feelings for eachother as well as Jack and AMy and I hope that doesnt ruin everything I really hope AMy is pregnant and she does get married I also saw that Amy may go to jail