Summer Brings More Secret Life: Season 3 Spoilers

So after the season 2 finale, we're left hanging about Adrian.... In good ol' Brenda Hampton-writing fashion (7th Heaven, anyone?). Of course we all have our guesses, but we have until the new episodes this summer to really find out what she'll have up her sleeve. Until then, here are some (tentative) season 3 spoilers to keep you busy, courtesy of fellow Secret Life fan and Spoilers Guide reader, kellara (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Season 3 spoilers

All the series regulars -- Amy, Anne, Ashley, George, Ben, Jack, Ricky, Grace, and Adrian -- are coming back. So are Henry, Alice, Lauren, Madison, and Griffin. In fact, as far as we know, everyone's back next season!

3-1     June

Amy attends a music program for teen mothers; one of her friends at the program is Bristol Palin, playing herself, in a cameo appearance.

The answer to the question you're all asking about Adrian is: Yes.

3-4   July

Mackenzie Rosman is back as Zoe, the teen that slept with Ricky to get back at Adrian for sleeping with her boyfriend. She shares screen-time with Grace.

3-5   "Which Way Did She Go"

Two band geeks are under the impression that Amy is pregnant again.  Madison insists Amy isn't pregnant, but they don't believe her.  Amy's actually still at a music program, but no one outside of Amy's friends believes this excuse. (We would not be surprised if the music program is used to lighten Shailene Woodley's load as she films a movie with George Clooney in Hawaii, just as Anne going to Mimsy's was used to deal with Molly Ringwald's maternity leave last summer.)

Meanwhile, with Amy out of town, Ricky is in charge of John.

Henry tells Alice he'd want her to keep the baby if she was pregnant. (This is just a hypothetical situation, by the way . . . but clearly something is happening in the lives of someone they know to bring up this topic.)

Tom's at the courthouse applying for a job in the mailroom.  He says his girlfriend is pregnant -- and by "girlfriend" he means Adrian.

Other spoilers

The show has been picked up for an additional year. As before, the show will return in the summer, either late June or early July.  Depending on how you look at it, it will either be season 5 or the first half of season 3.

Source: The Secret Life of the American Teenager Spoilers