TSLOTAT Spoilers: Season 2 Couples

Below you can read all released spoilers about what will be going on with the couples in TSLOTAT Season 2.

Ben & Amy

Amy will finally choose between Ben and Ricky in this upcoming season.

Ben sees a new pregnant girl and suggests she get advice from Amy about being pregnant in school. But when Amy sees him talking to another pregnant girl, she gets mad.

Ricky & Amy

Ricky appears to be over at the Juergen's household more this season, more specifically up in Amy's room "spending time with John".

Amy will finally choose between Ricky and Ben in this upcoming season.

"I think deep down he wants to be with her and he wants to try to make this work, but the stage he's at in his life right now, it's just not going to happen. And I think his main focus right now is just trying to be the best dad he can to the kid, regardless of if his relationship with Amy works out. So, that's his main objective—just taking care of the kid."

Ricky & Adrian

According to a recent Francia interview, she reveals that Ricky and Adrian are still going 'back and forth' with each other.

Jack & Grace

Grace and Jack will have sex in the second season.