Secret Life Series Finale “Thank You and Goodbye” Spoilers

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May 29, 2013


What happens in the season 5/series finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager – episode 24, “Thank You and Goodbye”? Check out some early spoilers. (This episode airs Monday, June 3.)

“Who stays together forever — and who doesn’t? What does the future hold for the characters you’ve known and loved for 5 years? All those questions will be answered…”

  • There will be a “graduation day”, “life changing decisions”, and “lots of flashbacks”.
  • Megan Park (Grace) says about the season 5/series finale: “It’s real, but it’s not what everybody’s going to want.”
  • Ken Baumann (Ben) says: “The final two scenes are really, really sad and good…. The last scene is totally heartbreaking.”

    • Why will that final scene of the series be so “heartbreaking”? Well, you can bet it has something to do with this, that “the question about whether Ricky and Amy will marry will be answered in the final minute of the series.”

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  • Maruschka van Veen

    Ricky and Amy need to get married. That’s why i keep watching this show.

  • jessica reina

    hope ricky and Adrian end up together and ben and amy the way it should have been before the show turned to crap.

  • Angela

    I really don’t want Ricky and Amy. They love John. Other then that I think they’re not in love but didn’t make the doing the best thing in this bad situation. Please please don’t get them married that’s not a good message for teens that get pregnant at a young age by a one slip up. They need to show that no matter what they are going to be together forever but not meaning as getting married or being in a romantic relationship. They’re always going to be parents of this son they share together forever. At least that is my guess and wish! Didn’t see love in Ricky and Amy. Didnt feel real. Even though the picture perfect family looked cute. It didnt feel right or real….

  • CrazieGurl215

    I totally agree – - why don’t more people see that Ricky and Adrian are meant to be and Amy doesn’t want to be with him?

  • J. L

    Adrian is a slut, so what does that teach teenage girls exactly? You can sleep with every one and live happily ever after? Amy slept with one guy and she shouldn’t get a happily ever after, but Adrian should? Really?

  • Tanya Marcy

    I don’t think either of them should be with Ricky right now – neither girl has any idea what she wants! Lol. (Although I have to admit in the beginning, I was pulling for Adrian and Ricky.)

  • Amy Raynes

    I think Ricky is in a good place now that he finally fell in love with amy and is ready to settle down amy is going to break his heart but if she does he done said he wouldn’t be with anyone else.. Amy is being selfish she is having a pity party because she is wondering what her life would have been without a baby or Ricky.. An now she thinks she gonna give Ricky what he wants and still get what he wants New York and to be like she by herself… She probably breaks it off with Ricky and leaves John for New York:/

  • Amy Raynes

    But it also feels like if they don’t get married the entire show has been for nothing.. But whatever spoilers have already said the last two scenes are heartbreaking so who knows what happens:/ with any of them

  • Ezza Belle

    What world are you living in? in real life there is no happily ever
    after. The perfect family doesn’t exist. Just because you have a baby
    doesn’t mean you should be married to the baby daddy – sometimes a
    mistake is just a mistake. [I'm not calling john a mistake] Sometimes
    doing what your heart tells you do to is better than making a choice to
    do what’s right only for john. I’ve heard that story so many times, teen
    gets pregnant, teen drops out of school, marries the dad, ends up in a
    dead end job, ends up divorced and then ends up resenting the kid… Amy
    had a baby, she didn’t give up the right to get a good education, she
    didn’t give up the right to have a future with someone she’s truly in
    love with; I’ve watched the last three seasons and I’ve seen two people
    who are in way over their heads, I’ve seen two teenagers force
    themselves to be with each other because they want John to have the
    perfect family; we’ve seen how well that works out; Adrian and Ben got married because they were
    pregnant – that was a disaster in the making. Did you really want Amy
    and Ricky to make that mistake? Amy’s parents married for that reason; we’ve seen what a mistake that was. Marrying the baby daddy might make a pretty picture but its unrealistic; real life is messy and
    I’m glad the show ended with Amy being smart enough to choose education
    over a boy even if Ricky changed for the better. I mean face the fact,
    teenagers shouldn’t be getting married even if they have a baby
    together. At 18 the only thing people should be worrying about is
    getting an education; getting through college, falling in love with boy after boy, getting a job, making mistakes…they shouldn’t be ending their lives by marrying the person they had a baby with. Adrian made mistakes and
    plenty of them, she wasn’t my favorite character by a long shot, times when I really disliked her but she deserves happiness as much as everybody else. Out of
    everyone I think she and Ricky are the two who really grew up. Ricky deserves better then Amy; she’s an undecided little girl who hasn’t grown up yet. But she finally grew up enough to make the right choice – the right choice not just for John but also for herself and in the long run right for everyone.

  • Ezza Belle

    You should watch the show again and look past the sickly sweet Amy and Ricky moments; I see two people who are forcing themselves to be together only for the sake of John. That’s not real love; and Ricky so much as said that when he was talking to Ethan about casual sex and the toll it takes on you. Those two aren’t IN Love; they deserve to be with someone they’re in love with; even with a baby they didn’t give up that right.