Secret Life Series Finale Spoilers: Ken Baumann Says the "Emotional" Ending May "Frustrate" and "Surprise" Us

Secret Life Series Finale Spoilers: Ken Baumann Says the "Emotional" Ending May "Frustrate" and "Surprise" Us


"Difficult. Emotional. Lots of tears. I thought that I would be able to hold my composure together on the last day, the last day of filming, but I didn’t, which was fine because everybody was sort of a wreck. It was just hard to know that you’re not going to see your family for the next few years, just because you get to know the people so well, the cast and crew.

"Our show, I think, was a rarity in a few ways. Everybody got along, and I mean everybody, which was almost like surreal, like the Twilight Zone, and the hours were great. So people were happy to go to work. They didn’t dread the 14 or 15-hour days. It was rough. That said, I think that also sort of shows in the final episode with a little extra emotion that I think the audience will definitely pick up on."

With the series finale for The Secret Life of the American Teenager less than a week away, it's been pretty tough not to cry (I mean, did you see those sneak peeks??). But it's also been tough not to wonder...what's going to happen with Ben? Well, according to actor, Ken Baumann....

"Jokingly, I think it would’ve been great if Ben could’ve jumped out of a plane and died in a parachuting accident or been involved in another terrible arson or have become a fabled criminal, but none of that was in the card probably for budgetary concerns. But yes, I think [I'm happy with the way the series ended for Ben]."

Oohkay...then. In all seriousness though, Ben's character will face a lot of emotional turmoil in the series finale, "Thank You and Goodbye", what with Amy ready to run off to (for realz) marry Ricky. In his recent conference call with ABC Family, Ken finally gave his (for realz) answer on how we can expect things to end for Ben.

"I think that the tone Ben ends on is very, very, very different from the tone he began in the pilot. I think the character arch was pretty huge. I think that more importantly where Ben ends up in the final episode it serves the sort of emotional arch of that final episode, which I think ultimately the finale episode’s got to function as an episode on its own. I think that it really does. I think it’s one of the best in the series.

"...I know that all I can speak to is how I responded to the ending, both in watching the last few scenes being filmed and reading the script, the final script. I think it is a very emotional ending and it’s an ambiguous ending. I know that it’s going to frustrate a lot of people. I’m very curious.

"Regardless, I think that it is an appropriate ending. I think that it makes sense with the sort of arch of the entire show and I think that—yes, it’s just really emotional. It just felt right. It just felt right to me when I read the script and was there watching it be filmed."


A "frustrating" ending? Hoo, boy. But Ken also talked about a possible surprise....

"...I think [fans'] expectations could be on the money, but I think that there is a bit of a surprise there at the end. It’s not such an explicit narrative surprise, but it is definitely emotionally surprising, I think."

So what's in it for Ben, post-high school? Ken sure has some ideas.

"Well I think in keeping with my five-year long theme of making up ridiculous stuff when asked this question I’ll continue with that. I think that the character Ben will become an oil tycoon and create the world’s first peanut butter museum and then go on to marry Cindy Crawford. I think she’s married, but obviously that doesn’t matter. So I think that’s Ben’s future. I feel it. I feel it really strongly."

Hahaha, oh Ben, we miss you already. What do you think, are you excited for Secret Life's series finale next week, or are you dreading it? Share away in the comments!

Source: ABC Family