Secret Life Season 4 Episode 9 “Flip Flop” Guide

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August 2, 2011


Read up on our guide for season 4, episode 9 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, “Flip Flop”:

  • After getting nowhere with Ben, Adrian’s finally given up on him…only to switch back over to Ricky. Do you think Ricky will cave after a major fight with Amy, or will he stand strong?
  • Ben makes a visit to see Dr. Fields.

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  • Ddddjkl

    i hate adrian

  • gtgyal

    If he caves, it will totally ruin the show. Half the appeal of the show right now is the deep connection between them. I mean they are the couple that are beating the odds and making it together… I’m rooting for RAMY forever.

  • Jenysexyself4sho42

    i love adrain, damnn i know ricky wont let her but she would look better with him then amy.

  • Kaykay345

    adrain should get with ricky cause it would make the show more interesting , its getting boring.

  • Laura122879

    I hope Ricky doesn’t do any thing stupid w/ Adrian or I will be mad. Amy and Ricky belong together.

  • Brandidenman94

    Adrian just needs to get a life and stop with her crap. Yeah she’s beautiful but she’s got the ugliest personality. Ricky please don’t fall for her. I doubt he will, he’s a changed man. Ricky+Amy forever!

  • guest

    You guys talk about this like it were real life… hello people this is just a show… They aren’t really together and or in love. 

  • Bambibelle84

    I hope Adrian doesnt get wit Ricky. I dont like Ricky. Adrian deserbes better.

  • Bambibelle84

    I love Adrian more as the episodes keep coming :) I think shes such an Interesting Important Character.