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Secret Life Season 4 Episode 7 "Cute" Guide

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Guide for season 4, episode 7 of Secret Life, "Cute":

  • Grace is itching to tell Ben about Adrian's new pregnancy plans, but of course not if Adrian has anything to say about it. Wonder what Ben would say about it. Speaking of Ben, will he return to his (short as it was) drinking days? Not if Nora has anything to say about it.
  • We know of course that Ricky is definitely not interested in enrolling in the local college, and we know why too - but high school counselor, Katelyn sure doesn't. But Ricky insists that he's also not interested in fighting Karlee's charges just to get in. But Amy sees to it that Karlee gets a talking-to.
  • Ashley and Toby find a job!
  • Though she sure wasn't before, now Grace is feeling a little intimidated by the fact that Daniel's a college student because he doesn't have a curfew - and of course, neither do any of his college buds. Not only that but her night at his apartment just might get interrupted by the neighbors. They better hope they're not like Ben and Adrian's.

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