Secret Life Season 4 Episode 6 “Don’t Go In There” Sneak Peeks

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July 15, 2011

Break-ups come in threes. No Lauren, I think that’s just “bad things”. “Bad things come in threes.” But whatever works. So who’s going to be the big number 3? Eerily, my bets aren’t on Grace and Daniel.

Catch your sneak peeks for episode 6 of season 4, “Don’t Go In There”:

Source: ABC Family

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    Well just as long as that 3rd break up isn’t Ricky and Amy… I’m good :) Honestly, it should just be Grace and Daniel. I doubt they’ll stay together for more than a few more episodes. Grace and Jack should just get back together, IMO. They’re playing out this “Jack likes Grace but Grace pushes Jack away” thing way too long. :P