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Secret Life Season 4 Episode 6 "Don't Go In There" Guide

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A lot of emotion, a lot of anger, and a lot of catch-22s in the next new episode of Secret Life. Check out our guide for episode 6 of season 4, "Don't Go In There":

  • Katelyn phones the admissions counselor over at the local college Ricky's thinking about attending, only there's a catch - the counselor is Karlee, one of Ricky's former lovers (uh-oh!). But there should be nothing to worry about, right? Ricky's happy with Amy. Except there is something to worry about. Karlee has an ultimatum for him.
  • Reverend Stone (Jack's dad) lets it slip to Kathleen that Grace's new boy flavor of the week Daniel is in college. Which of course just gives Grace another reason to turn on Jack.
  • Adrian has decided to return to school - to high school - only to find half the student body blaming Ben for not only their recent tragedy but for the path their relationship is taking. (Even though Ben has indeed taking up drinking, sort of, and has also moved out of the condo.) Adrian comes to his defense though, and surely it's only a matter of time before she sets her plan to get pregnant again into motion. And she just might have a breakdown (you mean even more of a breakdown?) to help her on her way.
  • Other guest stars: Nora (Anne Ramsay), Grant (Grant Harvey), Lauren (Camille Winbush), Henry (Allen Evangelista), Alice (Amy Rider); Tom's boss Milton (Scott Klace); and Tom's girlfriend Rachel (Annie Tedesco).

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