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Secret Life Season 4 Episode 5 "Hole in the Wall" Guide

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Some spoilers for you here on Adrian and Ben's relationship, the latest guy with Grace, and Leo's new assistant (and who's pulling for George to be the one who puts the hole in the wall? Lol).

Read up on our guide for episode 5 of Secret Life, "Hole in the Wall":

  • Adrian's going through the nursery and doing some spring cleaning. Which leads to an argument between Adrian and Ben, which leads to.... You'll see.
  • Grace and Daniel start to get a little more comfortable with each other. As in, Jack and Grant comfortable. Oh wait, Grace already went there. Well fasten your seat belts because it looks like she just might be going down that road again.
  • Leo still has his eyes out for a new assistant since Camille left. And while Bunny maybe didn't work out, that doesn't mean Ricky's birth mom Nora won't.

Source: ABC Family