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Secret Life Season 4 Episode 4 "One Foot Out The Door" Guide

Some trouble on the rise with a trip to the E.R. for Ricky and Amy, and relationship trickery for Ben and Adrian. Read up on our guide for the next new Secret Life, "One Foot Out The Door":

  • Ricky and Amy have to take John to the E.R., which isn't exactly a walk-in-park by itself but on top of that, the two haven't stopped arguing. And they're both in for a shock at what the doctor has to say.
  • We all know how Ben really feels about Adrian - except for Adrian. So she's thinking about tricking him into telling her the truth. Grace tries to talk her out of it, while Leo tries to talk Ben into staying with Adrian (he's one to talk...).
  • Ashley's coming back home, but George has some new rules in store for her before she does.
  • Grace goes out for coffee with Daniel (Sinqua Walls), which then prompts her to talk to Jack.

Source: ABC Family