Secret Life Season 4 Episode 3 “When Opportunity Knocks” Guide

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June 21, 2011


Mmm…some more secrets on the rise. And some from Camille, Ben, Grace, and Peter just might be coming out this episode.

Check out our guide for episode 3 of season 4, “When Opportunity Knocks”:

  • Griffin’s boyfriend, Peter has some suspicions that Grace might not have been exactly faithful to Grant while she was away on her “medical mission”. But Peter might have a secret of his own that he’s not telling, when some guy he knows but Griffin doesn’t, Matt (Banks Boutte), suddenly shows up.
  • Ben brings to light his feelings for Adrian, which may or may not be what we think or expect.
  • When Camille’s unavailable, Leo has Bunny fill in for her as his assistant – but unfortunately, Camille has big shoes to fill and Leo’s office isn’t exactly Bunny’s butcher shop. Needless to say, Leo’s not-so-happy mood isn’t getting any happier.

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  • RT

    Grace’s character is honestly SUCH a slut. She claims to be a “Christian” but has slept with both Jack and Grant, plus has been with interfering relationships with both Ricky and Ben. And also cheated on Jack with Lauren’s brother. And now she’s cheating on Grant! She’s cheated on BOTH guys she slept with.  Nevermind pre-marital sex as a sin, what about adultery? She needs to stop pushing all her beliefs if she does what she wants anyways.

  • guest

    1st off Adultrey is when you are married.. 2nd Its a damn show.. and 3rd so what there are alotta christains out there that do have pre marital sex and they cheat it doesnt make em any less christian. 

  • RT

    Fine then I don’t respect her “character”
    1) Because she doesn’t follow through with her personal belief systems
    2) She cheats!

    I don’t like liars or cheaters.

  • Princessruru19

    k we dont really care.

  • Tia

    we as in YOU? I don’t care if you don’t care…this is the comment section and i will comment.