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Secret Life Season 4 Episode 3 "When Opportunity Knocks" Guide

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Mmm...some more secrets on the rise. And some from Camille, Ben, Grace, and Peter just might be coming out this episode.

Check out our guide for episode 3 of season 4, "When Opportunity Knocks":

  • Griffin's boyfriend, Peter has some suspicions that Grace might not have been exactly faithful to Grant while she was away on her "medical mission". But Peter might have a secret of his own that he's not telling, when some guy he knows but Griffin doesn't, Matt (Banks Boutte), suddenly shows up.
  • Ben brings to light his feelings for Adrian, which may or may not be what we think or expect.
  • When Camille's unavailable, Leo has Bunny fill in for her as his assistant - but unfortunately, Camille has big shoes to fill and Leo's office isn't exactly Bunny's butcher shop. Needless to say, Leo's not-so-happy mood isn't getting any happier.

Source: ABC Family