Season 4 Episode 16 episode 16

Secret Life Season 4 Episode 16 "They Gotta Eat" Spoilers

Kathleen's late husband Marshall, and Grace's dad, had a secret that (or more like who) pops in to haunt the Bowmans. Check out the spoilers for season 4 episode 16 of Secret Life, "They Gotta Eat":

  • Kathleen Bowman uncovers a big secret about her second husband, Marshall (Grace and Tom's dad) - that he had a son from an affair years ago, when the boy shows up at her door.
  • Jacob (Jordan Fisher), Marshall's son from the affair, is opting to live in Kathleen's home over going to boarding school. But Kathleen isn't so sure she wants her home to become a boarding house.
  • Amy, Madison, and Lauren have been best friends forever, which is why their dads get together and concoct a plan for the girls to sort out their differences over dinner.

Source: The Secret Life of the American Teenager