Secret Life Season 4 Episode 1 “When One Door Opens” Guide

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June 7, 2011


Things are looking pretty bleak for this season premiere. While Adrian’s still mourning her still-born daughter, the experience has also taken a small toll on Amy as well, and she’s ready to make some major changes in her life. Or so she thinks.

Read up on our guide for the season 4 premiere of Secret Life, “When One Door Opens”:

  • After her emotionally-stricken hospital visit and pregnancy experience, Adrian refuses to even leave the house.
  • Adrian may not be exactly ready to change things and move on yet, but Amy is – right into Ricky’s apartment (finally). Although I doubt after everything that’s happened, that Ben will be entirely ready for this.

Source: ABC Family

  • .:90210fan:.

    Okay, can Ricky and Amy not be together for like five minutes without the drama? :P

  • Barbaraandnaisha

    What does Ben have to do with Amy moving in with Ricky? He has no say in the matter so if he doesn’t like it get over it!

  • Angelbieber65

    ben not getting back with amy on it’s not over till its over when they looked at each other in that window that was bye ben wants to take what he said to amy on loose lips or  all back or adrian pain i love bendrian