Secret Life Season 3: Spring Spoilers

Secret Life returns in March, and I know it seems like a gazillion light-years away right now. So here are some general season 3 spoilers to tide you guys over until the new spring episodes (enjoy!):

  • It's another new school year - better known as senior year for Ricky, Adrian, and Jack. Which means they'll have to start thinking about what exactly they're planning to do after high school.
  • Even though Ben and Adrian are having a baby and seemingly together, Ricky and Amy both still have eyes for their first loves. And we can also expect even more surprising couples to come our way (more surprising than before?).
  • Grace spoiler! According to her actress, Megan Park - "Grace really starts to let loose a lot more and some pretty dramatic things happen in her life." (jeez, what's with all the drama, Grace?)

Anybody want to lay down their predictions in the comments?

Source: The Secret Life of the American Teenager Spoilers