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Secret Life Season 3 Episode 8 "The Sounds of Silence": Synopsis Spoilers

Ashley does something shocking. Nope, sorry. Ashley shocked me enough with that Ricky-kiss. Well, maybe "shocked" isn't the right word. Grossed-out would be a better one.

But what I'm most happy about with Monday's upcoming new season 3 episode, is...Donovan! Yep, George's furniture-selling buddy is back and helping out with Anne-troubles. Aw, how sweet. You'll want to read all about what's up in episode 8, "The Sounds of Silence" - SPOILERS AHEAD:

3-8   "The Sounds of Silence"   July 26

Ricky asks Ruben for help.

George has planned a special date with Anne at a nice restaurant, with the help of his assistant Donovan (Alex Boling), but George balks at the expensive prices.  But they're not going to get the date anyway, as Anne has to cancel because she has to go see Mimsy, who's sick. First, though, Anne will have to find George, who's not answering his phone; she asks Ashley for help.  Is Anne ready to accept George's marriage proposal?

Ashley does something shocking.

John's walking!

As you might expect, Amy's not happy about Adrian being pregnant with Ben's baby.  Amy reaches out to Adrian.  Ben and Adrian visit her ob-gyn (Michael Imperioli).

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