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Secret Life Season 3 Episode 7 "New York, New York": Synopsis Spoilers

Last night I kept yelling at Madison - Keep your mouth shut until Amy gets back! Because I'm with George, who would ever want to hear news like that over the phone? But, she has to find out sometime, and it has to be Ben to tell her. So naturally, he finds a way.

Check out these spoilers for next Monday's new Secret Life, season 3 episode 7, "New York, New York" - SPOILERS AHEAD:

3-7   "New York, New York"    July 19

Ben visits Amy in New York -- and the topic of Adrian's pregnancy finally comes up.

Ricky bonds with his biological mother Nora (Anne Ramsay).  Ben meets her as well.  What news does Nora have for Ricky?

At school, Adrian announces to everyone she's pregnant.

Expect more Ricky/Ashley drama.

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