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Secret Life Season 3 Episode 7 "New York, New York": 3 Sneak Peeks

"You can't date Amy's impregnator."

Haha, George's dialogue is at it again. Really. Only he would equate his daughter's son's father to something that sounds more like a superhero. But lately, George has a thing or two to say to Ashley about the "superhero" - a thing or two as in, stay away. And on the flip side, Ben can't stay away from Amy and the truth anymore. So naturally, he resorts to talking to his "dead mother". Madison puts things so delicately, doesn't she? She just has a knack for it.

Your three sneak peeks for tonight's new Secret Life, episode 7 of season 3, "New York, New York" - SPOILERS AHEAD:

Source: ABC Family