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Secret Life Season 3 Episode 5 "Which Way Did She Go": Synopsis Spoilers

Is anybody else wondering besides me where Jack's going to live? I know it's not that big of an important detail, but still. It's been bugging me. Luckily, we're getting an answer to that in next Monday's new Secret Life. Find out about that and more (including a strange rumor about Amy) in this synopsis for episode 5 of season 3, "Which Way Did She Go" - SPOILERS AHEAD:

3-5  "Which Way Did She Go"   July 5, 2010

Two band geeks are under the impression Amy's pregnant again. Madison insists Amy isn't pregnant, but is simply at a music camp; no one outside of Amy's circle of friends believes this.

Ashley offers Ricky advice on taking care of John.  Will Ashley and Ricky kiss?

Tom's at the courthouse applying for a job.  His competition for the job is Milton, a former VP of a company that was shut down due to a scandal. (Milton will be sticking around as a recurring character.)  Jack and Tom move into the Bowman guesthouse and enjoy some brownies.

At the music program in New York, Amy meets Bristol Palin, who's attending the program.  Amy learns the program is for teen mothers. Thanks to video-conferencing, Amy's able to see John while in New York.

Adrian's parents Ruben (Philip Anthony-Rodriguez) and Cindy (Paola Turbay) argue about her pregnancy, even as Adrian's made a decision.

Other guest stars include Christopher Michael (Coach Carter); Renee Olstead (Madison); Camille Winbush (Lauren); Allen Evangelista (Henry); Amy Rider (Alice); and Scott Klace.

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