Secret Life Season 3 Episode 25 “To Be…” Guide

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May 2, 2011

Ben and Adrian are finally getting married…or are they? Check out these spoilers for episode 25 of season 3, “To Be…”:

  • Ben and Adrian are newly married and fully settled in their new condo home – and school guidance counselor, Katelyn is celebrating the newlyweds with a banner and everything, much to Amy’s disgust.
    • Madison tells Amy and Lauren that she and Jack had actual sex for the first time – and that it was so bad he cried. So they’ve both decided that they do love each other, but that they’ll be holding off on sex for a while.
      When Amy finds out that Jack and Madison had sex in Ricky’s bed, she insists that Ricky buy a new one. Ricky thinks she’s overreacting, but Nora helps him to realize that Amy’s probably just upset about him leaving her when he goes off to college. So to make up for it, Ricky promises to not only buy a new bed – but to take Amy away on vacation for some alone time.
    • George asks out Leo’s secretary, Camille, on a date. She agrees, but mostly because she knows how much it bugs Leo.
    • When her body starts feeling odd, Adrian has concerns about the baby.

Source: ABC Family

  • frootloop

    What kind of highschool celebrates and puts up banners celebrating 2 teenagers getting married because of teenage pregnancy! wow

  • Chaela17

    this show is getting dumber and dumber

  • Eve

    Don’t get me wrong i like the show but really a banner for two kids who have no idea what to do . . . not the brightest idea in the much i see

  • hotgirl

    oh my god this show is all about sex and people getting knocked up?? What the hell

  • Dixie Chick 443

    Really think that this show is too much for it’s younger viewers…

  • Laura122879

    Secret Life of The American Teenager rocks

  • Kay

    i hope –When her body starts feeling odd, Adrian has concerns about the baby.– means that adrian loses the baby

  • Gg

    y u fucking ass wud u like to loose a baby

  • se

    if you disagree with the shows story line and what its really about then don’t watch it! its as simple as that. get off of here trying to bash a good show.

  • Pink_moochi

    It about life. If you can’t handdel it then change the channel to Disney Channel!

  • Pink_moochi

    It about life. If you can’t handdel it then change the channel to Disney Channel!

  • Pink_moochi

    OMG serrously!? please! teens are doing a whole lot more than what these characters are doing! And Im pretty sure they all kno how a baby is made!

  • KE

    Cuz Adrian is a whore.


    i love the show so much….. i cant wait till it comes back on fill like i been waiting for forever cant wait

  • MoochieMooch

    real peoples lives aren’t like this

  • Sailorstar96

    But it has a lot more drama and stuff than a person’s real life would… it is a bit intense for some people but not all… my cousins in college even think its too much for teens

  • MoochieMooch

    Totally Agree!

  • ChairFan

    Anyone who does not like this show can shut up. Its great, and really if anything its showing kids what they shouldn’t do when they grow up.

  • Riverbkstar

    if you haven’t noticed. In all promos and ads it even fontly states that viewer discretion is advised meaning ages 13 and up



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  • Fan2011

    I like the show but feel that Adrian should have a miscarriage because then it just seems that every season another character will become pregnant and have a baby, I mean next it will be Ashley just for shock value. I get that they are trying to show what teenagers go threw in life but then they should show EVERY side of teenage pregnancy.

  • Thats kind of the whole point of the show though, teen pregnancy and how it affects people in the community …

  • Jadajonlex

    Horrible but.. hope Adrian miscarries and Ben leaves her. So much of the problems and fights were caused by her and her smuttiness and drama/control issues. So she has a baby, marries a rich man gets a $50,000 ring AND a condo out of it? HEY TEENS>>>BE A SLUT AND THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!!! I think not. I think if anyone deserves happy ending, its Amy. She has been screwed over so much. I love this show.

  • Tierra-Lynn2010

    ahaha, actually ya hunny.. alot of peoples lives are like this. including mine! just bc urs aint dont mean no ones is!!!! Get a fkin grip!

  • Tierra-Lynn2010

    completely agree!

  • Tierra Newman

    thinks that all of you people bashing this show just bc u think that people dont live like this or bc it is ” unrealistic ” need to grow up and open ur eyes, alot of people do live like this and do go through this shitt. just bc u dont doesnt mean no one else does, i know bc i am a 16 yr old mom! grow up!

  • Okay….

    did u get a ring and a condo out of it? were all your friends at the hospital when you had your baby? did you get the guy?

  • *sTaRr*:P

    okay everybody hold on a second calm down its just a show if you DONT like it turn the channel and it you DO. *TURN IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* BECAUSE I SURE DO

  • ImaGleek3

    I totally love Adrian and Ben together

  • JO

    This show is the truth. Some elements might be a little off. When i was in high school half of my class either was pregnant or had already had a child. Some were married and then some couldnt stand their “baby’s daddy’s”. The only thing that has really came up is drugs and partyin. Thats all i did in high school, was party so if they incorporate that then they will be on the money. This show is one of my favorites because it doesnt hide what teens do in high school. From pregnancys to fake ids. Thats what teens do and they are good about hiding some of it. Bottom line this show is reality and life.

  • Crystal

    i do to they are so cute togather

  • secretlife

    I think the show is about to take a twist…I almost bet that It will come out after they are married and moved into “thier” condo that Ben isnt the father and it will be Rickys

  • secretlife

    I think the show is about to take a twist…I almost bet that It will come out after they are married and moved into “thier” condo that Ben isnt the father and it will be Rickys

  • chrystal

    no its not adrian and ben need to just stay out of ricky and amys life

  • Bh9944

    then don’t watch it

  • Bh9944

    Yeah life is like this now and days my graduating class at hs was a class of 400 and over half of them were parents

  • Thearesa

    Well I was pregnant as a teenager and engaged at 17 and it is a lot of hard work and responsibility.  I wish I would have  seen this show before hand. Not only does YOUR life not exist anymore, your finances go sky high. But I do have to say I do not know of any school that would actually put up a banner for 2 teens getting  married, but anyway I love this show and will keep watching it!!!

  • Bestbear

     yah i dont get the banner either its like telling teenegers to get pregent because everythings going to be okay but actually its not.
    ben and adrian got lucky.

  • ashley juergens

    i am 12 and i watch it but i have watched it since i was 9. but i knew all the things that they were talking about.

  • ashley juergens

    i agree

  • amy juergens

    it is my fave show who r ur fave chariters