Season 3 Episode 25 episode 25

Secret Life Season 3 Episode 25 "To Be..." Guide

Ben and Adrian are finally getting married...or are they? Check out these spoilers for episode 25 of season 3, "To Be...":

  • Ben and Adrian are newly married and fully settled in their new condo home - and school guidance counselor, Katelyn is celebrating the newlyweds with a banner and everything, much to Amy's disgust.
    • Madison tells Amy and Lauren that she and Jack had actual sex for the first time - and that it was so bad he cried. So they've both decided that they do love each other, but that they'll be holding off on sex for a while.
      When Amy finds out that Jack and Madison had sex in Ricky's bed, she insists that Ricky buy a new one. Ricky thinks she's overreacting, but Nora helps him to realize that Amy's probably just upset about him leaving her when he goes off to college. So to make up for it, Ricky promises to not only buy a new bed - but to take Amy away on vacation for some alone time.
    • George asks out Leo's secretary, Camille, on a date. She agrees, but mostly because she knows how much it bugs Leo.
    • When her body starts feeling odd, Adrian has concerns about the baby.

Source: ABC Family