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Secret Life Season 3 Episode 22 "Loose Lips" Guide

Fight at the Juergens! Sort of. Find out about that and more in these spoilers for episode 22 of season 3, "Loose Lips":

  • Grace's mom, Kathleen offers to write up the invitations for Adrian's baby shower, but Adrian and Grace are stumped as to who to invite. So Adrian decides to invite all the girls Ricky ever slept with to show them how great her life turned out without him (um...pregnant?).
  • As Adrian's doing the whole Ricky's-ex-lovers-lineup, she makes it a point to do it right in front of Amy - which of course, upsets her. So Amy up and quits throwing Adrian's shower.
  • Ben gets involved in Amy and Adrian's catfight, even at Ricky's advice not to, and when he verbally attacks Amy he gets the wrath of George. And somehow, everyone else gets involved in the "fight", too.

Source: ABC Family