Secret Life Season 3 Episode 21 “Young at Heart” Guide

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May 2, 2011

Ricky has a run-in with yet another previous lover of his in these spoilers for episode 21 of season 3, “Young at Heart”. Check it out:

  • Grace goes out with Adrian to help shop for her wedding dress, and Adrian is thinking about marrying in a church.
  • Grace convinces Amy to help throw Adrian a baby shower, since Adrian threw one for her back when she was pregnant with John. Little does Amy know, Adrian’s planning to also throw it in Amy’s face that she had wild, crazy, good sex with Ben.
  • Though it was Amy’s idea in the first place, Ricky’s getting impatient that Amy’s putting off moving in with him. But when he rushes over to the Juergens’ to discuss it with her, he runs into an ex-lover of his – Karlee – who just happens to be the sister of Ashley’s new study-buddy, Toby (the two study-buddies are going out on a non-study date). Karlee invites herself to Ricky’s place that night, but when she shows up, Ricky refuses to answer the door.

Source: ABC Family

  • Rynpadsfan

    so let me get this straight as i recall ricky didnt want amy to move in with him and now he is mad that she is putting off living with him make up your mind geez and anyway adrian is still two faced she tells amy she wants to be frieends and then throws it in amys face when amy is volenteering to throw her baby shower she will never change adrian has a girl. And if u look on the secret life of the american teenager site it has amy in a wedding dress and holding a boquet of flowers and it has ricky in a gray tuxedo so that is very akward cause he says no about the proposal but next year he says yes ramy all the way

  • soniya

    I think Amy is playing that Reverse Psychology game(taught by Adrian) with Ricky!! Amy is getting smarter day by day….God bless Ricky!!!

  • Tabitha Mann

    I think they had the two in a wedding dress and a tux just to throw fans off. I do wish they would tie the knot, though.

  • Me4472

    ya thats tur al of it..=0

  • Babiegurl7909

    The only thing I can’t stand is every time Amy and Ricky are ding well something comes between them and next week some big secret might ruin everything I just hope it ll works out for Amy and Ricky cuz Ben and Adrian annoy me and I know their relationship won’t last because it’s to good to be true

  • Tabitha Mann

    Adrian is clearly not happy if she has to keep battling with Amy. If things are so great with Ben then why are you so determined to break Amy and Ricky up?