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Secret Life Season 3 Episode 19 "Deeper and Deeper" Guide

Look out! Ashley's homeschooling, George is on a date with Ricky's biological mother (what??), and Kathleen's instructing Grace to use condoms (double-what??). And you thought Secret Life couldn't get any weirder. Check out these for episode 19 of season 3, "Deeper and Deeper":

  • Now that Ashley's doing homeschooling, George thinks she needs more of a social life and knowing how cool he is with his favorite daughter, he puts a new boy in her room, Toby (Jared Kusnitz) as a sort of study-buddy. But that doesn't stop Ashley from shifting their conversation to - sex. (Hey, this is Secret Life.)
  • Ricky's freaking after Amy's proposal, and with everyone around him pressuring him to give her an answer, he's even more in a bind. So Adrian gives Amy a little nudge by letting her in on a little secret to getting what she wants with Ricky - reverse psychology.
  • Adrian's trying to convince Ben to buy them a condo, but Ben (surprise) isn't sure he wants to abandon the home where he not only grew up but remembers his mother. So Amy steps in to give Adrian some advice on how to get Ben to cave.
  • Not used to the single-parent life now that he's gone back to it, a restless George calls up Anne - only to discover that Amy doesn't actually want to marry Ricky, she's just interested in living with him.
  • After Anne convinces him to get a life of his own, George asks Ricky's birth mother Nora out on a date. But at the restaurant he learns that Nora is gay, and Ruben has just gotten her lover out of jail.
  • Grace and Grant have finally moved on from "gateway sex" to the real deal, and Kathleen cautions Grace to make sure to use condoms.
  • After breaking up with Jesse, Lauren's already onto the next guy, and Madison has decided that she and Jack are going to be a little less active in the bedroom. Or anywhere.

Source: ABC Family