Season 3 Episode 18 episode 18

Secret Life Season 3 Episode 18 "Another Proposal" Guide

Ben and Adrian are getting married, and whatever Ben and Adrian do, Amy and Ricky must follow. Naturally. Check out the spoilers for episode 18 of season 3, "Another Proposal":

  • Ben and Adrian are getting married, and neither Ricky nor Amy are as happy as they are. Not liking the pressure they're putting him under to marry Amy, Ricky tries to get the two to call off the wedding.
  • Ricky's not the only one feeling the pressure, Ben is too. So he offers to buy Adrian a condo in lieu of a big wedding. Ecstatic, Adrian goes on a condo hunt to find the best place for them.
  • Feeling jealous of Ben and Adrian getting married, Amy decides to take her relationship with Ricky to the next level - by proposing to him.
  • Lauren's mom and step-dad are splitting up, but what Lauren doesn't know is that it's because her mom is getting back together with her dad.

Source: ABC Family