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Secret Life Season 3 Episode 17 "Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner" Guide

Guess I'm not the only one sick of all the pregnancies and babies running amuck here - so is Ashley. Check out the spoilers for episode 17 of season 3, "Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner":

  • Margaret (Ricky's foster mom) agrees to let Nora stay with them, but she does have a few rules, namely one - no house guests, male or female. Meanwhile, Nora wants a reluctant Ricky to meet her new girlfriend.
  • Meanwhile, Amy wants Nora to meet John - but Ricky finds something out about his birthmother that makes him second guess that idea.
  • Anne and George get in a fight over Ashley, who's not really homeschooling - just sitting at home, doing nothing, and frustrated about how unconventional everyone's families are becoming (baby city? Heh).
  • Not getting much of an answer from Leo, Ben goes to Adrian's parents Ruben and Cindy to ask their permission to ask for Adrian's hand in marriage. Though they're both a little skeptical, Cindy's so moved by Ben's display that she agrees. And so does Adrian.

Source: ABC Family