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Secret Life Season 3 Episode 16 "Mirrors" Guide

I have some spoilers here for you, for episode 16 of Secret Life season 3, "Mirrors":

  • Ricky doesn't exactly like the prospect of living with his birth mother Nora, so he turns to his and Amy's custody agreement to step in and ensure she can't - except the mediator finds a loophole. So Ricky asks his foster parents if Nora can stay with them, but they're not too keen on the idea either.
  • Grant wants Grace to get tested because she once slept with Jack, who slept with Adrian, who slept with Ricky. Grace isn't into the idea, but agrees after Grant declares that he loves her.
  • Ben asks Adrian to live with him, but when Adrian doesn't agree, Ben goes to Leo to ask for his permission to ask Adrian to marry him. Leo doesn't have much to say to that, except if Ben is turning to others for advice about it, then maybe he shouldn't be considering marrying Adrian.
  • Because he'll be going off to college after high school, Jesse decides to end his relationship with Lauren.
  • Madison's parents finally get to meet this new guy she wants to date. Only problem is, he's way too old for her. As in mid-twenties-way-too-old. So of course Madison's parents say no to this proposition (missing Jack now, Daddy?).

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