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Secret Life Season 3 Episode 15 "Who Do You Trust" Guide

Secret Life makes its comeback this March! Here are your spoilers for episode 15 of Secret Life season 3, "Who Do You Trust":

  • There's a new school counselor in our midst. (And the recurring role will be played by 7th Heaven's Beverly Mitchell!)
  • Now that Ricky and Amy are dating (never thought I'd say this, but...YAY!), Amy wants Ricky to get tested for STDs - but he runs into foster mother, Margaret at the clinic. And Amy gets a little wary when she notices Ricky acquainting with his former lovers (Mackenzie Rosman will be guest-starring again as Zoe!).
  • George is on a mission - to talk to Amy about sex with Ricky (with the help of a book), but George forgets Amy's been there, done that.
  • After working with him all summer, Madison asks her dad for permission to go out with some other guy (now we know what happened to Jack, ha).
  • Ben gets distracted at work (again?) and Bunny steps in when he accidentally gives a customer a knife (yikes! Let's hope he's not intending to use it for much).
  • Ben and Adrian finally get to find out the gender of their baby - and unlike with Amy, Adrian invites Ben along for the procedure.
  • Tom goes to his new VP job to find out Tammy's working for him. Along with a disgruntled employee with a slightly different view of Tom's boss.
  • Lauren and Jesse aren't as happy with their relationship as they used to be.
  • Ashley decides she wants to be home-schooled to get away from all the gossip at school.
  • Ricky's birth mother is back from prison and looking to stay at Ricky's place - but insists it's only temporary.

Between Beverly Mitchell and Mackenzie Rosman, it's going to be one big 7th Heaven party.

Source: ABC Family