Secret Life Season 3 Episode 15 “Who Do You Trust” Guide

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January 4, 2011

Secret Life makes its comeback this March! Here are your spoilers for episode 15 of Secret Life season 3, “Who Do You Trust”:

  • There’s a new school counselor in our midst. (And the recurring role will be played by 7th Heaven’s Beverly Mitchell!)
  • Now that Ricky and Amy are dating (never thought I’d say this, but…YAY!), Amy wants Ricky to get tested for STDs – but he runs into foster mother, Margaret at the clinic. And Amy gets a little wary when she notices Ricky acquainting with his former lovers (Mackenzie Rosman will be guest-starring again as Zoe!).
  • George is on a mission – to talk to Amy about sex with Ricky (with the help of a book), but George forgets Amy’s been there, done that.
  • After working with him all summer, Madison asks her dad for permission to go out with some other guy (now we know what happened to Jack, ha).
  • Ben gets distracted at work (again?) and Bunny steps in when he accidentally gives a customer a knife (yikes! Let’s hope he’s not intending to use it for much).
  • Ben and Adrian finally get to find out the gender of their baby – and unlike with Amy, Adrian invites Ben along for the procedure.
  • Tom goes to his new VP job to find out Tammy’s working for him. Along with a disgruntled employee with a slightly different view of Tom’s boss.
  • Lauren and Jesse aren’t as happy with their relationship as they used to be.
  • Ashley decides she wants to be home-schooled to get away from all the gossip at school.
  • Ricky’s birth mother is back from prison and looking to stay at Ricky’s place – but insists it’s only temporary.

Between Beverly Mitchell and Mackenzie Rosman, it’s going to be one big 7th Heaven party.

Source: ABC Family

  • .:90210Fan:.

    ahhh… this looks good:)

  • .:90210Fan:.

    ahhh… this looks good:)

  • Pony134

    is there a sit so i can watch that episode if there is plz tell me

  • fuckshitasscock

    it hasnt aired yet, dumbass

  • brianmolkolover

    it would be nice to know when it airs .. not even a date no? dam it you americans and your shit cheesy shows that you cant help but watch when your ill or in bed of school, bring me true blood season 4 now!!! and also wouldnt mind another season of huge. would be nice if they told us a date for that to eyy? peace x

  • Cassielightfritz

  • dancergirl

    huge was canceled

  • ladyc_561

    omg omg when can i see this!!!!!!!?????????

  • renaebailey

    when is this comin out

  • Pineapples.Are.Blue

    The episode doesn’t air til mid January..

  • .:90210fan:.

    This episode with be out March 28… @Pineapples.Are.Blue… not January

  • anonymous


  • Nn Hhhiiii

    no it comes out in january it even say’s that at the top of the page in the summary so oveousley it comes out in january are not march 28th

  • Singerlisa 23

    I can’t wait to see Beverly Mitchell as the school Guidance Counselor! She is deffintily the right girl for the part! I wonder what kind of counselor she will be like and whose problems will be top on her radar if you know what I mean. I hope her character is alot like Lucy in 7th heaven because I loved her as lucy and her lucy character is so much like myself!

  • Ariah

    it says it comes out in March not january @Nn Hhhiiii

  • Step_by_step_666

    hey dumb ass thats when the person posted the spoiler !

  • Step_by_step_666

    so it comes out this month duh lol march 28th , dont you watch tv lol

  • Step_by_step_666

    so it comes out this month duh lol march 28th , dont you watch tv lol

  • Villarreal_evelyn

    the episode comes out in march 28

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