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Secret Life Season 2 Episode 24 "Ben There, Done That": Promo Trailer & 5 Sneak Peeks

Next Monday brings the spring finale, and the season 2 conclusion, of Secret Life - and following suit with the season 1 finale, we have But more than Leo and Betty's wedding (don't they make just the cutest couple?), seems those long-ago spoiler predictions of somebody getting pregnant might actually come true. Which would really be the clincher, wouldn't it? Season 1 = Amy pregnant. Season 2 = Anne pregnant. Season 3 = ...

Who do you think it's going to be? (Or isn't going to be?) Let's see some discussion going in the comments!

Oh, and Griffin up and inviting himself to the wedding? Classic. Enjoy these spring finale sneak peeks for season 2 episode 24 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, "Ben There, Done That" (SPOILERS AHEAD:)