Season 2 Episode 21 episode 21

Secret Life Season 2 Episode 21 "Choices": Promo Trailer & 5 Sneak Peeks

Somebody knows where Ricky is.... But while everybody's worrying about that, seems again we've got something even bigger on our hands. Think it will be enough to break Amy, or, after a baby, a break-up, and secrets galore, is this little momma stronger than even she knows?

Not only that, but she wants to "un-complicate her life". Yeah. Right. I want to know how to do that. I'm betting Adrian would like to know the secret to that too. And Grace. And Ben. (Who, by the way, is still stuck on Betty-is-a-hooker repeat. As if we didn't already know this fact.)

And what about Ricky? His life has always been complicated. So, maybe, just maybe, nobody will never notice he's even gone. Except for Ashley.

Here are your five sneak peeks for next week's new Secret Life, episode 21 of season 2, "Choices".


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