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Secret Life Season 2 Episode 17 "The Second Time Around": 4 Sneak Peeks

We've got some Secret Life sneak peeks for you - four to be exact, for episode 17 of season 2, "The Second Time Around". And...Amy's going out on a date. Who else is flashing back to throwing up on the carousel in season 1? I just had to bring Ben back into it.

Ashley also thinks it's too soon for Amy. Too soon to have sex again, that is. Because we all remember that last time. But she'll take a condom out of Ashley's condom pouch, just in case. So she can be a normal teenager for once. Though Ashley is still a bit wary.

"Do you know how to use that, there's instructions on the Internet."

"I know how to use it."

"Okay, well just so you know, it doesn't work from your purse."

Touché. Amy is always going to be naive in Ashley's mind.

And...I think we've finally found that seemingly nonexistent guy that doesn't want to have sex. Gasp!

"I'm waiting for the one who's worth waiting for.... I'm telling the truth! I don't want to have sex while I'm in high school, I just don't think it's a good idea."

So here we are, on Amy and Jimmy's (third, if you count the grocery store) date, and he's probing Amy for answers. Answers about Ben...about Ricky. You got to admit, Jimmy is kind of cute, isn't he? To think I used to be a Ben-fan.

Then Ashley's upset about George and "Raggedy Anne"...which leads to a pizza "guy" delivery from Griffin - and he thinks he just might "love her". I wondered how long it would be before Griffin tried to set her up. Now we're just waiting for the day they'll have to fight over a guy. Kidding. Ashley would never "fight over a guy".

Catch this all-new The Secret Life of the American Teenager, season 2 episode 17, "The Second Time Around", next Monday on ABC Family.

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