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Secret Life Season 2 Episode 16 "Just Say Me": 5 Sneak Peeks

Episode 16 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager season 2, "Just Say Me" airs tonight - and after the bit of a cliff-hanger last episode, I'm a little anxious to see just what's going to happen next (what about you guys? Head over to the comments and tell us what you're most hyped about for tonight's new ep!).

And after watching all five of the sneak peeks below ( SPOILERS AHEAD ), I'm beginning to realize just what the episode title might mean....

But first, a little back-story. All Jack wants is sex, so Madison's trying to "give him back" to Grace. But Grace doesn't want him back. Oh, and Amy has a new boyfriend, which sparks a little discussion between Grace, Madison, and Lauren:

"You have a new boyfriend?"

"Jimmy - it's her mom's boyfriend's son."

"That doesn't sound right, isn't that incest?"

Back to Adrian's master plan to befriend Amy - become her slave. Okay, so not really. But what begins with a simple glass of water spirals into getting Amy to call Ricky to tell him the good news:

"And isn't it great that we're friends?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Yes, finally! Now will you call Ricky and tell him? I don't have a cell phone."

"Yes, I will call him."



"Oh, have a sip of your water first, if you want."

Now the girls hold a hallway meeting...about guys. And cheating. Guys cheating. There seems to be no way out. Guys will always cheat, so long as there's somebody for them to cheat with. So, what's the solution? Grace just might have one. And my senses tell me, it just might lead to a new "club" of sorts:

"Well, what are we supposed to do?"

"Not do it."

"And we all know how hard it is not to do it, so...?"

Meanwhile, the boys are standing watch, and little do they know, contemplating the very same subject as the girls. Except, with a slightly different purpose in mind. But they still want to know what's up, so they send in a spy. By name of Alice. And by some ironic twist of fate, it seems that nobody's getting any, except for Henry:

"Never thought it would be me, huh?"

And lo and behold, the reason Adrian comes running to Amy with a glass of water - the phone call from Ben. Of course, George thinks there's an ulterior motive behind the "glass of water":

"I remember when you were a little girl and you'd call out in the middle of the night asking for a glass of water, when all you really wanted was someone to talk to."

Nah, that's not it.

Be sure to watch this all-new episode of Secret Life, "Just Say Me", tonight on ABC Family!

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