Secret Life Hitting the Big Screen? Shailene Woodley Says "No Way"

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In her interview with Next Factor about her upcoming film with George Clooney, The Descendants, Shailene Woodley rebuffed with a firm "No way" when asked if she could see a movie as a possibility for her hit ABC Family series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager:

"No, because it's been four years now and I feel like there's been so much character development that it might be quite boring having her, just her, in a two-hour-length feature. But I do think that if it was still season 1, absolutely you could make a feature out of her, because the character hadn't been so fully developed that audiences would still be questioning who she is, what she's doing, and the themes around her storyline."

What do you guys think, think Amy's character has worked itself out too much for a movie? Voice your thoughts and opinions in the comments.