Secret Life (and Shailene Woodley) is Sticking Around

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In case you missed the "buzz", Shailene Woodley (Amy Juergens) recently starred alongside George Clooney in the Oscar-worthy film, The Descendants. But we know her as teenage mama Amy on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, so will Shailene's acting career take a detour from ABC Family to film?

According to her interview with Moviefone, Shailene Woodley is signed on for another two years of Secret Life, which she assures us that, while the show may not be the be-all-end-all for her, it is a fun project to work on:

"I would love to do it for another two years. I made a commitment for another two years. But ... it definitely ... I mean, I think doing anything in life you learn things. And the biggest learning lesson from that was actually paying attention to what you do. Because when you do sign a contract, you do sign -- I don't want to say a portion of your life -- but you make a commitment. And you stick to that commitment.... It's something I've enjoyed doing, so if I read a script and it's cheesy -- I mean, everyone depicts cheesy differently -- but if I don't feel anything inside me, then I'm obviously not meant to do that movie. And when I read this script, I got the biggest guttural feeling of immense passion. And that was the signal that I want to work for this."

Secret Life may have just wrapped up shooting this season, but are you excited the show is definitely here to stick around? Or do you think Shailene Woodley should graduate from Amy on to other projects?