Secret Life Season 5 Spoilers: Daren Kagasoff Says Fans Will Be “Very, Very Happy” with the End to Ricky’s Storyline

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May 29, 2013

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Secret Life picks up with new episodes later this month, and this last half of season 5 will also serve as the final episodes of the entire series.

ABC Family held a conference call with Ricky’s actor, Daren Kagasoff, where Daren talked a little bit about his character coming full-circle since the beginning of the series – and that fans will be more than pleased at how the show leaves things with Ricky by the end.

“[I'm] very happy, very happy [with the way the series ended for Ricky]. I think the fans will be happy too…. I’m very pleased with what the writers did with my character from the beginning to the end. I think he’s made a full circle and it was a pleasure to play and hopefully the fans will like to see that.”

Daren also spoiled that we’ll be seeing some new (and familiar) guest stars somewhere in the last half of season 5.

“[Some new faces will be] definitely coming in and out as far as new relationships that occur this [last half of season 5]. I can’t really say who, but there’s definitely going to be some familiar faces that you’ve seen from other projects.”

It’s definitely kind of bittersweet that The Secret Life of the American Teenager is finally coming to an end, but are you excited at least to see where the show takes things with Ricky – and Amy, too? (And what new and familiar guest stars do you think we can expect to see?)

Image credit: Daren Kagasoff via Twitter

  • Angela

    Please Ricky just don’t get married and think about who can you love? I feel Ricky is just doing this because he is a good man now but DOESNT love Amy that in love feeling . He loves her but not in love with Amy. I really hope they make this ending somewhat a point about it because I feel like I’m the only one who sees these young kids trying to get married because they got themselves in a pickle with the lie about getting married already.

  • Whitney

    So there’s more episodes to come?