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Secret Life Season 5 Episode 8 "Setting Things Straight" Spoilers

Secret Life Season 5 Episode 8 "Setting Things Straight" Spoilers

We've seen Amy and Ricky's relationship stand the test of time so far, but will they be able to make it through Ricky's college years? Or will Amy crack under the pressure?

Read the spoilers for season 5 episode 8 of Secret Life, "Setting Things Straight":

  • As Ethan and Kathy keep growing closer, Ethan decides to ask further questions about the father of her baby. Meanwhile, Kathy prepares to meet the couple who will be adopting said baby - will she have some questions of her own?
  • Whether it's the thought of Clementine or Adrian or something else entirely, Amy is starting to get a little more anxious about Ricky's new "college life". Will Amy's fears interfere with their new life as a family?
  • School counselor Katelyn (Beverley Mitchell) has her job cut out for her once again as she sits down to a talk with Leo about Ben's recent behavior, and Leo just might come to a realization that maybe he's played a small part in Ben's misguided direction.

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