Secret Life Season 5 Episode 5 “Past History” Spoilers

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July 11, 2012

Ben finds out he’s off the hook for the fire, but what does this mean for him and Dylan? Meanwhile, we find out what Ricky’s up to on his first day at college.

Check out the spoilers below for season 5 episode 5 of Secret Life, “Past History”:

  • After a ton of freaking out (and fainting), Ben is finally free of blame for the fire set to Dylan’s school, but is Dylan? And more importantly, how does Ben get out of this one?
  • Ricky’s already in college and he runs into…Adrian? Who knows, but he will bump into an old friend on his first day. Thoughts and guesses on who? Hit the comments.

Source: The Secret Life of the American Teenager Spoilers

  • Mandi

    maybe its carlee that chick he slept with when amy was in NY then woulden let him into college