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Secret Life Season 5 Episode 20 "First and Last" Spoilers

Secret Life Season 5 Episode 20 "First and Last" Spoilers


It's an episode full of surprise announcements, which probably have a lot to do with what Amy and Ricky have put off for so long....

You can read some spoilers for season 5 episode 20 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, "First and Last":

  • Everybody's surprised when Jack and Grace announce they'e engaged to get married...but actually, Grace isn't so sure about the engagement herself.
  • Speaking of marriage, Ricky and Amy finally set a real date for their real wedding - the day after Amy graduates from high school. But their friends and family are still skeptical they will actually get married.
  • George and Kathleen invite their mothers (Lauri Johnson, Beth Grant) out for a surprise announcement of their own, although they kind of end up getting in the way. (Think George and Kathleen are getting re-married?)
  • Kathy helps a peer of hers, Brian (Hudson Thames) practice for the spelling bee, and of course Ethan gets jealous. Is something going on between Kathy and Brian, or is he just a friend?

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