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Secret Life Season 5 Episode 19 "Interference" Spoilers

Secret Life Season 5 Episode 19 "Interference" Spoilers

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If you've read the spoilers for episode 17, "'Fraid So" and episode 18, "Money For Nothin'" of Secret Life's fifth and final season, you might already know that Amy's been seriously considering the idea of going to school in New York - but where does that leave Ricky and John? Well, you see...Ben's got this bright idea that they should go with her.

In season 5 episode 19, "Interference" (airing Monday, April 29), the whole idea of Amy going-or-not-going to school in New York City will come to a head when Ben gives Amy the idea that she, Ricky, and John could all live together in New York while she goes to college. Of course Ricky's not too fond of the idea - and is Ben coming up with this big idea just to get the possibility of Amy out of his life for good?

What do you think, will Ricky and Amy's relationship survive their differing values...or will the two wind up growing apart, and if so, who will John stay with permanently - Amy or Ricky?

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