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Secret Life Season 5 Episode 11 "Half Over" Spoilers

Secret Life Season 5 Episode 11 "Half Over" Spoilers

Update! We now know that Jack will be in the hospital this episode because of an unfortunate accident foreshadowed

at the end of last night's new episode, "Regrets". Do you think he'll make it out okay, or is the promo just a little bit on the dramatic side like it usually is? Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

It's nearing the mid-season finale for Secret Life already, so can we expect a big plot twist like in the past? Well, there is a second wedding coming up for Amy and Ricky...will there be secrets involved, maybe?

What we do know for sure is that:

"Ricky confides in George about the wedding."


"Jack's still in the hospital."

Wait, when did Jack go to the hospital? And we know that George already knows about "the wedding", but will he reveal that to Ricky? We'll have to wait until August 27 when the Secret Life summer finale airs, but until then...share your excitement in the comments?

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