Secret Life Season 4 Spoilers: Do Amy and Ricky Really Want to Get Married?

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November 28, 2011


The midseason finale for season 4 of Secret Life definitely ended on a rather high note for Amy and Ricky. But will Ricky want to follow through with his proposal? Does Amy really want to get married?

Anne Ramsay, who plays Ricky’s birth mom Nora, sheds a little light on the twists and turns their relationship could take in the upcoming last half of the season:

“Ricky asked Amy to marry him, but now that she’s been asked, does she really want to get married? Does she have cold feet? Are they going to choose a date? Not choose a date? What’s going to happen there?” she teased at the Sloane & Tate Launch Party in Los Angeles.

In addition to pal-ing it up with Amy’s mom and dad, Anne and George, in the Juergens house as Nora, Anne Ramsay also helped showrunner Brenda Hampton pen the script for the season 4 finale:

“It’s such a good episode — I hope,” she says. “Brenda is such a good writer. It was effortless to write with her. She knows comedy and she knows drama, she knows character arcs and storyline arcs. Me, not as much as she, but I learned a lot…. You get up to just about the end of summer school,” says Anne, of when the finale takes place.

Think Amy and Ricky will go through with the wedding or will they have second thoughts?

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  • .:90210fan:.

    They BETTER go through with the wedding!!! I mean.. if they don’t wanna get married right away I would understand that… but they need to stay engaged. Please no obstacles for Ramy…. We just got Adrian out of the way… let’s keep it that way :) 

  • Kara G

    I agree that I want them to get married but it doesn’t have to be right away. I don’t understand why shows are always trying to rush to marry off engaged couples. Plenty of people stay engaged for years before getting married yet based on tv if you’re engaged for a year it’s a long engagement.

  • Anavarez718

    you should marry them, they deserve a chance of happiness. Yes they are going too have obstacle but please do not break them up they finally got rid of the people that was trying to break them up soooooooooooooo pleaseeeeeeeee keep them together. I would love to see there wedding a John as the ring boy. Give them that chance, you gave it to Ben & Adrian and they did not deserve it because they did it out of spite. That’s my opinion you should give Ricky n Amy the best wedding ever with lil John by there side.

  • Secretlifefan

    i think like every couple there will be talks if the other one is getting cold feet and they will be tested at times but ultimately i don’t think the writers would do such a stupid thing like not have amy and ricky get married

  • Bella_tasha_23

    if amy and ricky break up and dnt get married i dnt think i will watch this show anymore
    they have been through so much and all the challanges
    and now adrian is gone
    they deserve to be happy and be a family with john
    pleasee dnt breakkk themmm upp

  • Millerd1989

    They better go through with it, staying together, the whole wedding, and everything else they are good together!! And Adrian is out of the picture now for sure. But they can just be engaged and all do have to get married as soon as possible…..This show wont be as good if something goes wrong where they change their minds.. they are meant to be together in the show….SO PLEASE DONT BREAK THEM UP!! they been through alot in the show and deserve happiness…..

  • ooo

    when is coming the secret life 

  • .:90210fan:.

    Sometime in March.. their’s a promo out for it already. It looks SO GOOD. I cannot wait :D 

  • Cortney Patterson

    i agree with most if amy and ricky were to break up i probably wouldnt watch the show anymore. they r the main reason i watch it i love them. i dont think they should get married yet but they should stay together.

  • SecretLife<3er

    they HAVE 2 get married its all i live for nowadays!!! thank god its not adrian marrying ricky!!

  • SecretLife<3er

    ohh geez that is too long 2 wait…. 

  • S19

    I think that Ricky and Amy will get married. It is something the fans have been waiting for, for such a long time. Although with TV there are going to be many ups and downs, however if things don’t work out, the popularity of the show will seriously decline. I really hope they don’t break up. I hate seeing  my favourite TV couples break up. Love conquers all, so let’s keep rooting for them.

  • Lapkitten

    Call me crazy but I personally do not want them to get married, I have always wanted Amy and Ben to get married, He was such a good guy from the start and has had a lot of bad things happen to him through out the show.  Ricky on the other hand has been a complete snake and even tho he has changed a lot I still think hes a bit of a snake. I think he would be best with Adrian and Amy and Ben would be great together.

  • leigh

    Ricky may have been a snake in the beginning, but he’s never cheated on amy, he’s completely changed his ways for her and what they have has made him a better person.. Ben is a spoiled little rich brat and adrian is a immature selfish little girl..they deserve each other..just like Ramy are and always have been meant to be….I want my ramy wedding!

  • catgirl

    Ricky and Amy need to get married and be a true family