Season 2 Spoilers: Hookups, Breakups, All That Drama

So Secret Life just started back up again this past Monday, and we're diving right into the drama of the last half of season 2. The new episodes might have already started airing, but these season 2 spoilers from a Watch with Kristin December Spoiler Chat aren't old news yet. According to Shailene Woodley (Amy Jeurgens), we have a lot more drama to look forward to (no surprise there), and not just with Amy, Ricky, and Baby John:

"There might be another pregnancy, [and] a couple of weddings, hookups, breakups, all that drama."

But supposedly there are surprises heading our way, as Francia Raisa dishes on an upcoming plot twist with Adrian:

"There are a lot of new hookups, especially with me. I'm gonna tease you guys a lot this season. My character's grown a lot in the season that's coming up, and then she has a huge storyline coming up toward the end of the season. It's really good, so dramatic, really juicy."

Adrian predictions, anyone?

Source: E! Online