Ricky Season 2 Spoilers: Complete Transformation

Ricky is planning to undergo a complete transformation in the recently taped season 2. Here are some spoilers about him for season 2.

"You'll get to see him change during the second season, and definitely see a true human in him, seeing as he has no respect for anybody or seems to not take any responsibility."

Ricky and Ben will try to co-father baby John but all doesn't go smoothly:

"I think they're going to try. You know, who knows? I think it's inevitable for it to crumble a little bit. It's not going to be perfect but it provides for some interesting television."

Ricky is living on his own in the new season, working and giving Amy "every dime" he "can give her" to help support his son. He also is over at the Juergen's house a lot, spending time with John.