Pickup Spoilers: Third Season's the Charm

Looks like popular series are getting renewed all over the place. While ABC Family might be a little smaller than its parent network, there's nothing small about its terrific programming. Especially when it comes to its dramas - The Secret Life of the American Teenager took off a couple of years ago, and its new series, Make It Or Break It has managed to rise up in competition to be a big hit as well. Even its new movie-retelling comedy, 10 Things I Hate About You is doing great. And now, ABC has announced the two dramas are set to make a comeback for another season - Secret Life returning for a third season.

“We’re thrilled to announce both ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ and ‘Make It or Break It’ will be coming back this summer for new seasons,” said Lee. “Both returned last week to record numbers – our Millennial audience is just so passionate about these shows and has responded to both of these dramas in such a big way.”

Do you think Secret Life story lines are going to get even crazier as we head into the third season (more babies)? Or maybe you don't think it's that crazy yet. Discuss in the comments!

Source: SpoilerTV