More Drama…and Tragedy? The Scoop on the Ben and Adrian Storyline

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March 31, 2011

First comes love, then comes marriage…. Well, maybe not in this case. Ben and Adrian are kind of working their way backwards as far as the old “sitting in a tree” goes. But how will their future together with the little one on the way play into their lives, and their relationships? Pretty much the usual, according to actor Ken Baumann (Ben):

“As this show is really skilled at, there are definitely going to be a lot of interactions between Ben/Amy, Adrian/Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) and Ben/Ricky. It’s a small world, that high school. [Laughs] Amy, in particular, has been through the pregnancy-thing before, so she’s there. You’re also going to see Ben yearn for a way out eventually, and why would you not want to go back to your first love? There is a lot of fun stuff between Ben and Amy coming up.”

And how specifically will the baby on the way be influencing their lives in the coming episodes? I know you want details:

  • Ben’s kind of been through the wringer already, but there’s even more drama, and possibly tragedy, on the way for this new soon-to-be daddy.
  • Even though it seems like the Ben-Adrian-baby storyline will never end, there will be a resolution before the end of the season – about 12 episodes in, give or take.
  • Although Ben and Adrian will of course have their struggles as they get used to the idea of being parents in the near future, we’ll also get to see some happier moments between the two.
  • Adrain might experience some uncertainty about her education, with the little “niña” on the way – and Ben will be experiencing some difficulties at work. No surprise there.

So, thoughts/guesses on the “tragedy” Ken Baumann’s alluding to? I have some guesses of my own, but I’ll let you guys have at it in the comments.

Source: TV Line

  • Tabitha Mann

    I’m thinking either Adrian will lose the baby or Ben’s dad with pass away…or Amy and Ricky will actually get married…yessssssss

  • robyndl6504

    It will probably be a death or the baby might be sick or face some health problems!

  • Ashley_andrade

    I really hope they dont get Ben and Amy back together she is so much better with Ricky

  • Tanyashell

    Amy and Ricky best couple ever!!! Hope they get married!

  • Iamobsessedwithglee

    Adrian and Ricky!!! <3


    Hell yeah, I agree with you Ricky is a much better man for her.

  • Babychica06

    I am not all for Amy and Ricky… I mean yeah, the thought is nice but it’s not fair. The only reason why I say that is because Ben will be the loser here. He has truly been the NICE guy all along out of everyone. First, loving Amy that was having a baby by another guy… marrying her, making her feel good during her pregnancy when RICKY WOULDN’T set up! Then he did the same for Adrian. So IF They lose the baby… he would be the most hurt.

    Amy and Ricky is a lovely distraction for now; however, Amy is trying to build a relationship with him based on her son. And SHE is a challenge for Ricky at the moment. I mean, I don’t doubt the feels are there but I honestly think they both still have feeling for the other couple and vice versa. It’s just the circumstance is controlling the outcome.

    Remember, before this whole baby thing Amy and Ben were trying to get back together. AND Ricky and Adrian kissed and realized they didn’t have the feelings anymore….But Hey! Who Knows!

    Ricky need to go to school – WITH OUT AMY
    IF Adrian looses the baby – She needs to go school and divorce Ben
    If Adrian keeps the baby – She needs to go to a community college and take care of her husband and baby.
    Amy – needs to leave the whole family thing alone until she gets out of high school. NO SEX. but dating is fine, She needs to focus…
    Ben needs to focus on school and/or supporting his family.


  • Meekamii

    If adrain baby die I’m not watching this shit no more fuck the secret life of the American teenager

  • Maax

    I’m not watching that shot either if the baby die