Casting Call Spoilers; Deborah, Morgan, Elaine, Gigi

New THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER casting call spoilers ( by spoilertv ) :

[DEBORAH] 40s, AFRICAN AMERICAN. This pretty woman is Lauren's (Camille Winbush) mother. Deborah is discussing with her ex-husband Ken (Ernie Hudson) about their kid's custody schedule...ONE-DAY GUEST STAR

[MORGAN] 40s. Madison's (Reneé Olstead) father, Morgan and his new wife check in on Madison while she is studying. He recruits his wife to help Madison with her studies in an attempt to help them bond with one another.sptv050769..ONE-DAY GUEST STAR

[ELAINE] Mid-Late 30s, ASIAN. This pretty young woman is Madison's (Reneé Olstead) step-mother. After five years of having a strained relationship, Madison and Elaine start to bond when Madison talks with her about boys...GUEST STAR

[GIGI] Late 30s-Early 40s. Jack's (Greg Finley) bombshell of a mother, Gigi talks to Jack about his relationship with Grace and Madison...ONE-DAY GUEST STAR