Amy Takes Up Ricky, and Ashley Takes Up Homeschooling

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March 1, 2011

If you’ve been rifling through the Secret Life synopses for the upcoming episodes, some of these might look a little familiar. But in case you missed them before, here are some spoilers:

  • If you’re worried about Ashley continuing to go after Ricky, there’s no need to worry. At least not much. She’s going to be going the homeschooling route, which may or may not help with the whole Ricky thing.
  • Now that Amy’s working on her relationship with Ricky, she’s getting serious. As in getting Ricky-tested-for-STDs serious.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

  • .:90210fan:.

    I’ve already read both of these spoilers.. but I cannot wait for the new season!! Ricky+Amy=Amazing relationship :) …. as long as Ashley, Ben, and Adrain stay out of it… lol

  • Camille May

    Just happened across this site and I am so sad to see it. My immediate thought: This is so awful. I can’t stand the preview for this season, it’s the WORST! Daren and Shailene have no chemistry together at all and the scenes are worthy for only one thing: fast forwarding. I can’t stand them.

    Let’s get back to QUALITY! A.K.A. Radrian (the most sensuous, chemistry saturated, and talented pairing on the show – not to mention the only ones who completely understand one another) and Benamy, who are adorable and what the show was originally written about (“their love story, the baby is just a bump along the way” according to creator, Brenda Hampton).

    The only thing I’m looking forward to this season is the birth of Ben and Adrian’s baby (and any R/Ad and/or B/A scenes along the way), so nothing better happen to that single spot of goodness to come.

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  • XOxo

    Ricky and Amy FOREVER