Amy Spoilers For TSLOTAT Season 2

Here are as well some spoilers about Amy for season 2. Amy is slowly adjusting to motherhood and a new life filled with midnight feedings and diaper changes.

"I'm in love with my boyfriend, who is not the father of my baby. And the father of my baby, I don't really like him, but there's always that question in the back of my mind: 'He is the father, so could he be my boyfriend someday?' There's a lot of drama [this season], just in the sense that my boyfriend Ben gets very jealous because Ricky's at my house every night taking care of the baby, and Ben thinks maybe something else is going on."

by Shailene

Amy and Adrian will have a lot more conflict this season.

Amy will finally choose between Ben and Ricky in this upcoming season.

Ricky is living on his own in the new season, working and giving Amy "every dime" he "can give her" to help support his son. He also is over at the Juergen's house a lot, spending time with John.