Allen Evangelista Talks About Henry and Alice, Ben, and other Secret Life Spoilers

In addition to his character Henry breaking up with Alice in the last run of Secret Life episodes, Allen Evangelista has been busy getting engaged, awaiting his baby son, and...making YouTube videos?

Don't worry, "Secret Asian Man" is older than Henry is. In other words, not 16. But Allen does feel close enough to Henry to unearth some Secret Life spoilers for us, especially where his best friend Ben (Ken Baumann) is concerned:

"There’s going to be a confrontation. That’s all I can say about that."

Though Allen could say more about a few other Secret Life-related things. Check out those spoilers and more, below:

  • For all those curious about whether Henry gets a love interest now that he and Alice are officially broken up - he does! Though Allen couldn't say who (of course), he did mention that according to what they're shooting now, Henry will in fact get a love interest within the next batch of episodes.
  • Everybody goes to summer school! Sort of. For one "funny" reason or another, a lot of characters find themselves having to take summer school (but not Adrian, right? Ha).
  • New characters Dylan (Ana Lucasey) and Raven (Christian Serratos) are still there when we come back, and Ben's still going after Dylan, now that Amy's engaged to Ricky and all. Although word is that Ben will get himself into trouble somehow (any bets on how?).
  • Speaking of Amy and Ricky...yep, still engaged.
  • Wondering if Ashley will ever be back to terrorize Amy and everybody again? Actress India Eisely confirmed not long ago that she was just busy filming Underworld 4, and her character will be showing up a bit more often in the coming episodes.
  • We'll be seeing Sheila Shaw (Mad Men, Erin Brockovich) as a new teacher in future episodes. Her recurring role will start with episode 18 of season 4, "The Beach Is Back".
  • Secret Life is casting for two male Filipino-looking twins, ages 9 to 11. Any thoughts on who these little guys could be, character-wise?

You can check out the full Wetpaint interview with Allen Evangelista (Henry) right here.

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