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True Blood Season 3 Episode 4 Spoilers: Title and Casting Call

True Blood Season 3 Episode 4 Spoilers: Title and Casting Call

HBO's True Blood Season 3 Episode 4 is entitled "9 Crimes". And from this episode's casting call, we'll be able to find a couple of exciting spoilers!

Casting call is as follows:

  • Two women in Alcide's life will appear in this episode: Debbie Pelt and Janice Herveaux. Debbie is in her late 20's and she's Alcide's beloved ex who's addicted to V. (Guest Star) Janice is a 32-yr-old - fit, tough as nails woman in biker gear, into horoscopes and psychics who also happens to be Alcide's protective older sister. (Recurring Character)
  • A new high school football star will replace Jason as the hometown hero in the person of a 17-yr-old cocky Kitch Maynard. (Guest Star) Kitch has a hot 16-yr-old girlfriend named Tammy (Guest Star) who drives around with him in his sports car and giggles at Kitch's rudeness. And a road crew member named Donny will be a fan of Kitch.
  • An unlucky stripper named Ann will be devoured by three vampires. (Guest Star)
  • A Bible Study will lead Chip Welling - a clean cut, all-American Christian youth, to recognize Jessica and he'll be relieved to see her alive. (Guest Star)
  • A violent young punk in his early 20's named Felton Norris who also happens to be a relative of Calvin's, strips Lafayette's car and beats him. (Recurring Character)

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