True Blood Spoilers: Bill and Sookie’s Fate

True Blood Spoilers: Bill and Sookie’s Fate

Matt Roush at TV Guide mentions this recently in answer to a reader’s question.

Question: Will Bill continue to be Sookie’s gentleman caller, or will Eric shake that love story up in Season 2? And what’s on the horizon for Tara? And what are your thoughts on The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency?

Answer: Your questions tread dangerously into spoiler territory, although I can appreciate how caught up you are in the story. So let me duck the what-will-happen-next stuff by saying that I’ve read five of the Sookie books so far—they’re a blast—and if season 2 holds true to the second novel Bill will still play an important part in the story.

[SPOILER ALERT] It’s true that Bill and Sookie don’t remain together as the books progress, although he’s always lurking in the back of the stories and she never really gets over him. Where Eric is concerned, his storyline with Sookie takes such a great twist in one of the books that I can only hope the series will go there at some point.

But honestly, given the chemistry of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, I expect Sookie and Bill will have plenty to do with each other as the series progresses, and I also hope that Alan Ball will develop the series so that it will find its own voice and not stick too closely to the letter of Charlaine Harris’s books.